Sunday, December 14, 2008

Raw and Delicious!!! : a raw food class in Long Beach

I took a raw food prep class yesterday with the lovely Judita Wignall, ate well, and got to know some fabulous people. We started out the day attacking coconuts with a cleaver and made the most spectacular drink with coconut water and spinach. My insides were singing with happiness. On to brazilian nut milk and a garlicky crunchy brazil nut parmesan cheese. Then cream of tomato soup, sun-dried tomato hummus, guacamole mushroom caps and angelhair pasta with pesto. We finished off with nori rolls and the most spectacular coconut fudge. All of the recipes were geared to the novice and everyone had a chance to create each of the dishes, in a directed but un-hurried pace.

Our day in pictures (thanks, Judita!):

Raw Food Long Beach
Sun-dried tomato hummus - ah, pinenuts!

Raw Food Long Beach
Yummy angelhair with pesto - we are so happy right now.

I am in love with ceramic knives.

Raw Food Long Beach
Nori rolls=amazing.

Raw Food Long Beach
It's hard not to cry at how beautiful this looks.

Contact Judita at the link above, for info on her next class. Love Love Love, indeed!

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