Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Were you given the Slip?

The house of Mod has recently experienced a lay-off. While we are thankful to have received a tiny severance and a little money we have been saving up to get us through, we look toward a future that seems a little uncertain, for us and for a nation. A blessing in disguise for us as Mr. Mod was ready for a change, we stand united in fellowship with people everywhere who are struggling to pay bills, find work, support a family. I came across a blog last week, little thinking I would be needing its resources, but here we are today. And so we are still praying for wisdom, help, and relief not for ourselves, but for all of Us.

Please visit Layoff Nation, designed by the Orange County Employees Association, a referral source for resources and support, to help with basic necessities, such as food, shelter and medical care, and employee assistance. And please feel free to share your stories or email me personally at the link to the left. We are in this together.

Image above from the lovely Amy's handmade and vintage shop, Shrinkle, on etsy.

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