Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remembrances of things past...Long Beach Modern

Long Beach Farmers Market
Farmers Market at the Promenade.

Cal Heights, Long Beach
Gorgeous Garden, Cal Heights, Long Beach.

El Nidito, Long Beach
The Little Nest, Downtown Long Beach.

Long Beach
Provence-Boulangerie.  You are missed.

Long Beach
Pirate ships on fire mural, MLK - across from molaa.

Breakfast, Village Cafe, Long Beach
Oatmeal at the Village Cafe.

Long Beach
Summer moonlight to Fall.

Long Beach
4th and Broadway.

Wheatpaste girl, Broadway and Cherry, Long Beach
Wheatpaste Girl, Broadway and Cherry, across from Rite-Aid.

Downtown Long Beach
Meaningful directionary, downtown Long Beach.

405 South, Long Beach
405 South, very early in the morning.

4th and Linden, Long Beach, Ice Cube movie
4th and Linden during filming.

Bixby Knolls Block Party, Long Beach
the girls, Bixby Knolls Block Party.

Alamitos Beach, Long Beach
Alamitos Beach.

Amusing Sign, Long Beach
Pediatrans, Keep Out!

St. Anthony's Church, Long Beach
End of workday, molaa parking lot, view of St. Anthony's Church.

Previous images lovingly shot with Canon Powershot SD300 DigiElph- O, how I would love to try the Canon G10~

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