Sunday, November 2, 2008

Doomie's Home Cookin' - Veggie Vegan Restaurant: my birthday adventure in Chinatown.

Doomies Home Cookin
I read a bunch of great reviews of this new restaurant, Doomie's Home Cookin', and just had to try it for myself. Mr. Mod and I went to LA (a rarity these days) and scoped out the parking sitch. It was Dia de los Muertos at Olvera St., and Doomie's is just a few blocks between Olvera and Chinatown, so we parked at the usual $4.00 flat rate lot - it seems like a lot (to me), but it was much easier than finding street parking - and we took a nice long walk post-feast through Chinatown proper, without worrying over the meters.

I remembered it was located at Roberto's bar, and wondered if there would be any confusion about where to find Doomie's but I was pleased to see numerous welcoming signs pointing upstairs from the street and the cute blue bunny logo to greet us.

I've been a vegetarian since 1997, but often get a craving for the Sunday-dinner-style cooking my grandma used to make. I am a fan of the comfort food - mashed potatoes and gravy and the works, which doesn't often correspond to the vegetarian offerings at most restaurants. Mr. Mod and I had a lengthy conversation about why he doesn't really care for it himself - yet, his abuelita made beans, rice and exquisite tamales, which he craves - all around, to me it's the food of happy memory of family and "home". So, when I heard about Doomie's, I knew this was the place to celebrate my birthday.

What a delight to know that I could eat everything on the menu!!! Of course, it was impossible to decide, but I finally settled on the fried chicken. Mr. Mod had the Western BBQ burger, odd choice considering he doesn't like barbecue sauce, which was lavished over the meat. He later told me it was because it comes with onion rings on top, which he wanted, but didn't want to have to eat a whole plate of onion rings. And he was very pleased with his choice - and is not a vegetarian. Mr. Mod is funny sometimes. This morning he raved on about the burger itself - the meat was rich and flavorful and had an amazing texture and the barbecue sauce was a great complement. It comes with veggie or vegan bacon, and fries on the side. Mr. Mod always points out that it is funny that vegetarians eat fake meat. I just remind him that for me, I enjoy tasting the flavors of food that remind me of "home", but yet I appreciate a meat-free lifestyle - it's the best of both worlds.

I enjoyed the clam chowder to start - very thick and potatoey. It's half-eaten in the picture below. I was REALLY hungry.

Then on to the chicken - WOW!!! It was truly amazing. Doomie has perfected the art of fake-meat making - to the point that the menu contains a dislaimer, in case you believe you are being deceived. The potatoes were garlicky but a little lifeless- I asked for a side of gravy, which the very sweet waitress provided, and was very happy with the results. The slaw was crisp and not too-sweet. YUM!

Doomie came out after the meal to ask us how we liked it - what a nice surprise! I enthused over the amazing "drumstick" - there is true artistry and engineering in its design. And it is oh-so-delicious! I have read so many reviews in the last few weeks - I was surprised to find out they have only been open two weeks. Doomie was super-nice and we enjoyed a birthday treat (shown above - it's not on the menu).

There is outdoor seating, with a neat view of the streets below - so there is always something going on. The rule is CASH ONLY - something to be aware of - although there may be some ATM's nearby. UPDATE: As of 11/6, they accept Visa/Mastercard. And they are now serving vegan twinkies, and vanilla and chocolate cupcakes - YUM!

We wish Doomie's the best - great food and great people! We will be back soon.

p.s. pics from chinatown



  1. Hi Christina - Finally had the time to sit and check out your blog - I love it! Bookmarked it - I'll be back often. I love finding out more about our city and the photography is, of course, wonderful. Now I need to find the time to visit Doomies - it sounds really great - Long Beach needs a really good veggie restaurant. Maybe there is one I don't know about? Anyway - just wanted to say hello!

  2. Yay, thanks Whitney, for your comment! I do recommend Doomie's - it's a bit of a drive, but the food is amazing. you can find their menu on the link for Doomie's above. Have you tried Zephyr's Cafe in Long Beach - their food is quite good - i LOVE the veggie spring rolls - so light and fresh, but filling - I always take one home.