Friday, June 5, 2009

Clean House in Pasadena!

The estate sale club decided to go to the Clean House yard sale in Pasadena on Saturday. We saw the lovely Niecy Nash and all of the Clean House crew. Lots of interesting bits here and there, including what I hope were props from a movie set (skeleton in an electric chair, anyone? Or, how about driving a Jeep!). We each picked out a cute vintage apron for our collective collections and gawked at the displays at Anthropologie on the way home - what a delicious day!

I love how Tammy is perfectly color-coordinated with the wall - it's amazing!

Laura shared pics of us with the cast and more fun pics of the day:

It was a pretty chaotic stew of crew members and thrifty shoppers mixing it up on the lawn!

Things were getting a little out of hand at this point:

We stopped at another estate sale the day before and these objects caught my eye.

We're trying to go raw for the summer, inspired by our dear friend Judita Wignall (check out Raw Judita for her great classes and raw inspiration). I made a raw zucchini noodle marinara with nut mock-meatballs and a side salad of cucumbers, romaine, apple spirals and sunflower seeds. Ivan was thoroughly impressed and it tasted amazing! A photo to remember it by...

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